Old Versions

Version 1.0
This was the beginning of the 'Airforce' project. It was back in 2001 and the site started with a simple design and little information. At the time, there was information and pictures for nearly 40 aircrafts. The site had quite a lot visitors, so the project was starting to gain speed.

Version 2.0
As the project grew larger, there was the need of a new design and some higher quality content. So in 2002 we showed the v2.0 to the public and it was accepted very well. There were also some addition to the aircrafts.

Version 3.0
Since the design was too heavy and the information too little, we decided to build a larger site with more aircrafts, information and pictures. And so, in the late 2003 we published v3.0, which turned out to be quite a large site. The project finally took shape - the information was thorough, the aircrafts were a lot, the gallery was high-grade, the visitors were numerous...